The power of doing a deep analysis on your is on display in this brief article on Axe.

Axe broke down men into 6 personas with respect to their approach to women & dating.

They then picked the 1 that NEEDED THE MOST HELP and targeted all of their advertising and marketing at this guy: The Insecure Novice.

They asked – what is his #1 problem? >> getting ladies

What is his dream solution? >> “the ultimate male fantasy is to be irresistible to several sexy women.”

They relentlessly focused on this demographic and it worked so well that they became the #1 male deodorant brand

Whatever your personal thoughts are on their product, they did their & Customer Research well, applied it to their marketing strategy, and VOILA – #1.


I find the biggest challenge is getting super specific on my target audience right now. How have you narrowed down your first persona?

Article on Business Insider

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