Backdoor coin-mining hacks are spreading as prices rise - acastro 170726 1777 0007 v5 - Backdoor coin-mining hacks are spreading as prices rise

The cryptocurrency boom has given rise to a new kind of malware attack, with attacks growing ever more frequent as coin prices rise. A report today from Symantec details a surge in coin-mining scripts, which are often planted by hackers in the background of public websites. Once running, the script uses the visitor’s CPU to mine cryptocurrency, a power-intensive process that can be far more lucrative than traditional malware.

Anti-virus tools like Symantec’s typically identify and block such programs, giving the a view into how widespread the miners are on the open . Miner programs seem to track tightly with the price of Monero itself, which means they’ve seen a surge of activity in recent weeks.

Symantec’s shows…

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