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Not all headphones are created equal, as you will notice with Beem United’s latest innovation: the BeActiv S100. This particular pair of headphones might look rather ordinary at first glance, but when you take a closer peek at it, it offers far more than meets the eye. Primarily, the BeActiv S100 is a pair of fitness , where it offers superior sound quality and high-performing Bluetooth while boasting of an integrated heart rate sensor, allowing you to bring your next workout session to awhole new level without missing a beat. With an asking price of $159 apiece, this is definitely worth your while.

How does it go about one’s heart ? This is made possible through the dynamic continuous in-ear heart monitoring sensors that have been integrated right into the buds themselves, enabling one to remain hands-free while being in the optimal heart zone during intense training sessions. With a behind-the-neck design, listeners are able to remove the buds from their ears and allow it to hang around the neck, doing away with the old problem of dealing with a mess of tangled wires. Sporting a 9.2mm dynamic speaker, it is more than capable of handling all kinds of music genres with consummate ease.

Making use of the highly reliable 4.1 Bluetooth technology, the BeActiv S100 will deliver - streaming of the wearer’s heart rate complete with voice updates, letting you work out continuously without having to refer to your smartphone or device. A full battery charge offers up to 8 hours of non-stop playback , and it takes just 1.5 hours to obtain a full charge for an empty battery. Arriving in striking new colorways that include Electric Black and Mandarin, you can be sure that you will look good the next you hit the gym or pound the pavement while wearing a pair of these.

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