- Bedjet 3 - BedJet 3 – sleep under the perfect temperature

It’s hard to regulate your at night. To warm so you kick off the blanket but then you’re too cold. Your partner is too close so you’re hot, they move and now you’re freezing. You try to change the thermostat but then your partner is out of sorts. It’s hard. The BedJet 3 wants to make it easier with the personal heated blanket solution.

This system is like a more adjustable heated blanket. It uses sensors to track how your sleeping and combat the comfort problems that keep you from staying asleep. Well the problems associated with temperature. Your partner’s snoring, needing to pee, baby crying, cat being a jerk, etc cannot be solved with this technology.

- Bedjet device - BedJet 3 – sleep under the perfect temperature

The product comes with WiFi connectivity for use with Alexa, color screen remote control, and an . The actual device fits under most beds and all that is introduced into the blanket is air. The system is quiet and lightweight for your comfort. You can currently preorder on Kickstarter starting at $249.

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