Our list this features an to help truly prepare you for a journey to and a way for kids to learn more about the solar system and cosmos.

Space Nation Navigator  - 750x750bb - Best APPS of the WEEK
NBA 2K League  - 256x256bb - Best APPS of the WEEK

Get Your Fix of the NBA 2K League

The official app of the professional esports league provides the latest news and information about all 17 teams.

Run Walk Intervals  - 256x256bb - Best APPS of the WEEK

Run Walk Intervals

Eric Payne

Run and Walk to Fitness

Take advantage of the popular run-walk training method in this app. With a quick setup, you can carry out your run-walk intervals with sound, voice, and vibration alert options.

The Economist  - 256x256bb - Best APPS of the WEEK

The Economist

The Economist

Take Stock of the World

With the official app of the The Economist, you can filter news on world affair and many other subjects.

What's in Space?  - 256x256bb - Best APPS of the WEEK

What’s in Space?

Planet Factory Interactive

Travel Through the Solar System

Designed for kids and older, this fun app help children discover space and more with games and different animations. They can even build their own spaceship.

My Practice Helper  - 256x256bb - Best APPS of the WEEK

My Practice Helper

Raphael Reiter

Practice Makes Perfect

This app for musicians helps keep the ​focus on six areas: notes, rhythm, intonation, sound quality, style, and confidence.

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