(Content Delivery Network) plays a vital role in increasing the loading speed of your website. As we all know speed help a lot in rank that’s why you need to look after it minutely. If anything going wrong on your they you need to fix it quickly. Mainly loading speed of a depends on hosting, coding, theme and mainly cache.

Best CDN Providers For WordPress - CDN Providers - Best CDN Providers For WordPress

CDN easily will take care of all issues regarding site loading speed. There are many CDN tools like GT Matrix using which you can decrease site loading . Now take a look on some best CDN providers for that will increase the overall loading speed of a site.

Benefits of CDN

  • Your page loading speed will increase.
  • Traffic can be managed easily.
  • No need to pay for high configured server. CDN will give the same on your limited or shared hosting.
  • CDB centers provide your users to download anything quickly from your site.
  • Some CDN provider provides better usage analytics.

Best CDN Providers for WordPress


It is a popular solution for CDN that offers in all popular platforms. You can easily integrate it with WordPress using plugins like W3 Total cache. From KeyCDN you can even get SSL certificate for your domain. It is available in both free and paid version. In its trial period of 30 days you will get 25 GB credits which you can extend if you upgraded to its pro version.



It is another popular CDN service provider and its servers are placed in 90 different countries. It will accelerate your sites and also increase overall performance. It will also provide SSL certificate that in real time protects your site and also its different security level will look after your content. It is compatible with all recent and old management platforms and offers easy integration.


It is also a popular CDN service provider which is well known for its security and reliability. Its data centers presents in more than 0 countries. Like other CDN service provider, it also boosts performance of a site. It uses different security measures that blocked any type of attacks targeted your sites. Another feature of it is its real time analytics following which you can view threats that blocked by it.


It provides guaranteed uptime and stands in this list of best CDN service provider. Using this CDN you can upload and download large media files of different quality and also can back up your site in many segments. Its data centers are also spread in many countries and even on your country that able you download and to surf more quickly. It is also available in both free and paid version; as per your requirements.


Cache fly

With more than 40 different data centers in different countries this CDN service provider able your site to access more smoothly. It helps your site to remain always uptime and provides reliable and secure browsing to your users. It follows many security measures that will help you in blocking many attacks and threats that targeting your site. With real time security analytics you can check real time report.


It is a cloud based CDN service provider that will help you in many ways in increasing your site overall performance. With the help of this provider you can check the county’s users those who are facing slow speed and also the from where you are getting maximum traffics.

For security and to increase reliability of your site you need to choose best CDN service provider. CDN helps in increasing performance of a site and also provides you the full real time analytics. As a site owner you need to keep your site always uptime and stable which above listed service providers offers.

As you are now looking for CDN service then choose any from the above listed service provider. Further if you have any other choice then please shot a comment in the below comment box.

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