I am interning at a non-profit energy research center and I am trying to make a that connects researchers to a valuable, and decently sized dataset of approximately 3 points and roughly gigs. I am very new to web app development and big and I am looking for advice as to which path would be best to take given my situation. A few important pieces of information before I outline what I’ve tried so far: There is little to no budget for this project, so throwing money around at fancy services isn’t really an option, or at least shouldn’t be the first, but I am a student at an accredited university and my internship is at a non-profit operating out of a university, so I have access to educational discounts. Additionally, this non-profit has their own server I can host the web app on which will save some money. And lastly, my is in three separate feather files, and the dataset is static and will remain so, which should make things significantly easier. The main problem is how can I create an app that has interactive visualizations from which researchers can draw insights, but is fast enough to provide a nice UX. I created a prototype Dash app with python and with a scaled down version of the dataset, but came to find out that deployment was harder than necessary. I tried using Heroku but my “memory quota was vastly exceeded”. That led me to looking into outsourcing the querying with BigQuery or Amazon Redshift, but I got lost trying to determine which service was right for my situation since I’m so new to the field. I then tried to recreate the app with R and Shiny. After about a week of learning R, playing with Shiny apps, and trying to translate the old app, I realized I could practically do everything I needed to do for this project using Tableau and I wouldn’t have to a whole new language. I have only just begun looking into the Tableau option, but my timeline is shortening quickly and I can’t afford to spend many more weeks just figuring out the best path to take in a field saturated with a different tools and services. So if you were able to understand my poorly written situation and are able to offer any insights/guidance, it would be much appreciated!

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