February is the shortest of the year, and yet there was still enough for the release of some great . The theme for this month seemed to be memorable and lengthy adventures. The highlights include a brilliant downhill sequel, a redesign of Final Fantasy for devices, a deluxe retro inspired genre mash up, and more.

New mechanics  - 00001 - Best GAMES of the MONTH
Alto's Odyssey  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Alto and his friends have moved from snowboarding mountains to sandboarding dunes.

The sequel to Alto’s Adventure took three years to make and is finally on the Store.

Dandara  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Dandara takes your idea and expectations of a metroidvania platformer and turns it upside down with a fresh new experience.

Dandara is a vast metroidvania platformer game that will turn your world upside down.

Purrfect Date  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Purrfect Date

Bossa Studios Ltd

The makers of I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator have a new crazy concept game for you to try.

Cat Island is full of felines, both wild and domesticated, and now you can date them while uncovering the island’s secrets.

Dissembler  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Remove all of the colored tiles by flipping tiles to make matches.

Dissembler is a brain teasing puzzle game about matching tiles to clear the board of various abstract designs.

Florence  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH


Annapurna Interactive

An interactive storybook that is filled with mini games, and follows the story for a first love.

Experience an endearing and heartfelt story in Florence as you witness a young girl go through the various stages of first love.

Roll For It!  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Roll For It!

Thunderbox Entertainment Inc.

Roll the dice to try to get the numbers on the accompanying cards.

The game stands out with the ornate 3D physics engine for authentic dice rolls. The cards have different dice roll combinations, and you try to clear the cards with each roll.

Up a Cave  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

A physics based platformer in which you try to guide a square out of dangerous caves.

A danger filled cave sets the scene of this physics based platformer with 30 challenging levels. The game features a silhouette art style, tons of collectibles, and plenty of speed.

Dice Brawl: Captain's League  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Dice Brawl

Idiocracy, inc

A dace based battle game with an eclectic cast to battle against.

Each battleboard offers its own style as you face off against pirates, elves, dragons, beasts, robots, and more. Try to outroll your opponent with strategic focus on using specific dice rolls for and against specific characters on both sides.

Cubor  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Flip cubes to the right spots in this 3D puzzle game.

Each level has different cubes with corresponding goals for each cube. You need to move them just right to align colors, shapes, and orientations with more complexity as you go.

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