April is now in the rearview mirror, and it left us with a number of compelling iOS games. It’s to take a look back, and pick the top ten games of the . The highlights include a beautifully designed platformer, an action paced stealth game, a bike trick sequel, and more.

Tons of content  - 00001 - Best GAMES of the MONTH
Oddmar  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Oddmar is a gorgeous action-adventure platformer that keeps you entertained while you prove your worth in Valhalla.

Oddmar, the new action-adventure platformer from the developers of Leo’s Fortune, is beautiful, humorous, and challenging.

Never Stop Sneakin'  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Never Stop Sneakin’

Humble Hearts LLC

A tactical strategy game that emphasizes stealth.

Every president in history has been kidnapped, and it’s up to you to take on the crazy band of adversaries. There are procedurally generated bases to sneak through to keep the missions fresh.

Touchgrind BMX 2  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Touchgrind BMX 2

Illusion Labs

BMX bike tricks return.

Put two fingers on screen to ride the bike, and get to pull off a ton of tricks. The sequel maintains the Illusion Labs style, and enhances it in every way.

supertype  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH


Philipp Stollenmayer

A letter based puzzler that isn’t your traditional word game.

Supertype is a fresh new take on the word puzzle game. Use physics and letters to solve the puzzles.

Colorblind - An Eye For An Eye  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

A color switch based platformer with a colorless world to navigate.

Play as right eye, and try to rescue the kidnapped left eye. With his partner missing, right eye is now color blind leaving a difficult world to navigate.

Project Highrise  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Project Highrise

Kalypso Media Group GmbH

The popular skyscraper simulation game is now on your iPad for hours of fun.

Project Highrise is what many call the spiritual successor to SimTower, and it’s now available on your iPad.

Trick Shot 2  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Trick Shot 2

Jonathan Topf

Try to launch the ball into the in this puzzle sequel.

The key to success in Trick Shot 2 is being accurate enough to make those tricky shots. Are you up for the challenge?

The Mooseman  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

The Mooseman

Vladimir Beletskiy

A mythical adventure game based on finno-ugric tales with Chud’ tribe artifacts.

You play as the Mooseman, and you can see the three laters of the universe that aren’t present to the mortal eye. Use this ability to travel through the murky lower level, the middle world of mortal men, and the upper world of the gods.

Vandals  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

A turn based stealth adventure.

Vandals is a unique turn-based stealth puzzler where you must leave your mark on the city in the form of street art.

Ostrich Among Us  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the MONTH

Ostrich Among Us

Mokuni LLC

A crazy themed rhythm game with dancing ostriches.

Imagine being an ostrich, stumbling upon a group of dancing ostriches, and trying to join the fun.

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