It’s time to flip out for the new putting their way on to the Store battleground. It’s GDC week with a lighter emphasis on new releases, but there are still some interesting ones to try. The early highlights include a mini golf puzzler, an online multiplayer shooter, a fluorescent skateboarding challenge, and more.

- 00001 - Best GAMES of the WEEK
Nano Golf: Puzzle Putting  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

A mini golf inspired puzzle challenge from Nitrome.

The game emphasizes crazy courses filled with deadly traps to knock the ball past. There’s the classic Nitrome retro inspired art style that acts as the backdrop to 70 crazy courses that include boss stages.

PUBG Mobile  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

PUBG Mobile

Tencent Mobile International Limited

The official port of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG.

Fortnite garners the headlines, but PUBG has been consistently delivering the online multiplayer third person shooter battle royale. 0 players are dropped in, and its a fight for survival.

Flip : Surfing Colors  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Flip : Surfing Colors

Left Right Co., Ltd

A beautiful skateboarding adventure with highly stylized realistic cities.

The game delivers a smooth and authentic 3D skateboarding experience. Each city is accented with neon colors that are tied to the environments and tricks you can pull of from the surroundings.

Cartoon Network Match Land  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Cartoon Network Match Land

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

from over 20 Cartoon Network characters to join your matching fight.

The game provides a familiar match three set up, and infuses it with Cartoon Network style. Battle against food enemies in an attempt to the food festival.

Pong Pong Egg  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Pong Pong Egg

Shaking Sheep Studio Limited

A Peggle inspired action puzzle game filled with eggs and fresh ingredients.

A pachinko style game in which you aim and fire eggs into levels filled with tomatoes, carrots, and more. Try to clear everything off the board with skilled shots.

Crazy Defense Heroes  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Crazy Defense Heroes

Animoca Brands

A deluxe mash up of tower defense and collectible card game.

There are over 500 levels to conquer as you unlock cards to have the best tower defense tools at your disposal. The game even has an auto play feature for the AI to use the defense tools you have amassed.

Art Of War 3:PvP RTS strategy  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

A classically inspired real time strategy game that emphasizes online multiplayer.

Go head to head or work with co-op in this real time strategy war based challenge. you can control each unit directly to adjust your strategy on the fly.

Panda Power  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Panda Power

RedFish Game Studio

A fast paced retro inspired platformer starring pandas.

The are four colored pandas that need your help to rescue the stars. There’s a mode as well as a level editor with an emphasis on speed.

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