Fancy new games are thumping into the Store room in this 17;s new games list. This is jam packed with great looking titles to play through. The early highlights include a new edition of The Room series, a high speed psychedelic challenge, a silky fast paced platformer, and much more.

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The Room: Old Sins  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

The tactile 3D puzzle adventure returns with all new puzzles to interact with.

The fourth installment in The Room series revolves around a disappearance, a strange artifact, and peculiar dollhouse. The gameplay style returns as you interact with ornate 3D objects, and uncover the mysteries within the transforming dollhouse.

Thumper: Pocket Edition  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

A high speed journey through psychedelic landscapes with rhythmic overtones.

Play as a metallic beetle, and prepare for rhythm violence as you dash into ricochet of walls to the sound of the beat. Brace for impact at the right as you go through mesmerizing landscapes at adrenaline pumping speeds.

Super Fancy Pants Adventure  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Super Fancy Pants Adventure


Fancy Pants returns in an all new fast paced platformer for iOS.

Fancy Pants has starred in many games on many platforms, and yet the most recent still continues what makes it great. It’s a high speed platformer with silky smooth presentation, and slick level design for free flowing action.

Infinite West  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Infinite West

Ghanshaam Sewnath

A turn based strategy game set in The Wild West.

Infinite West has a Hitman Go and Lara Croft Go design aesthetic, and it definitely stands out with the Wild West theme. The game is a bit like Chess as you try to get your gunfighter in the right position to take out enemies.

Slime Pizza  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Nitrome’s latest game lets you fling around a slime ball to collect pizza.

Pull back to set your trajectory, and let that slime ball go to avoid obstacles, move through the level, and collect pizza. The slime sticks to any surface to let you plan out future shots.

Evilibrium. Legends  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK


Orc Work Games, Inc

A dungeon crawler in the vein of Darkest Dungeon infused with its own style.

The game is set in an alternate 19th century filled with mystics, adventure, horrific creatures, dark rituals and secret cults. Explore dungeons, prepare for battle, and collect cards in this detailed RPG.

Stack & Crack  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Stack & Crack

Jambav, Inc

A minimalistic puzzle game about stacking four blocks.

There are over 0 puzzles included with each one testing your ability to get the four blocks together, and to the exit portal. The blocks can flip, jump, and more on their way to the exit.

Four Last Things  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Four Last Things

Joe Richardson

A point and click adventure game set in Renaissance-era paintings.

Point and click adventure games have spanned all kinds of locales, time periods, and settings, and yet none have been constructed around Renaissance-era paintings. Until now. Four Last Things offers a unique setting, and infuses Monty Python style for an all new type of point and click adventure.

Meteorfall: Journey  - 256x256bb - Best GAMES of the WEEK

Meteorfall: Journey is a challenging roguelike card game that is simple yet in-depth with strategy and resource management.

Meteorfall is an exciting and challenging roguelike card game that packs quite a punch.

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