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So obviously big = very computer use heavy. As someone looking into the career I am wondering if there are jobs that involve the analysis/statistics/decision making/presentation aspects without the processing /programming aspect. Maybe using some kind of pre-packaged to analyze the clean .

I want to get into the business decision side of big data and know some of the “polished” (non-coding) tools but I don’t want to be a programmer…because I tried and am not very good at it.

Is there a job that kind of bridges between hard core programming savy data scientist and the business side that doesn’t require as much raw programming/data cleaning ect.? Is this a job or do data scientist typically run it all the way up to senior management?

statistics, math, end user software with a GUI is all good….python….not as much.

The image that comes to mind is a group of people who work to run analysis on data, sit around and discuss what it means and how to present it and then work with senior management/c-suite to help make strategy decisions based on that….I feel like that should be a job, but it doesn’t sound like what data scientists do….based on what I’ve read it sounds like a bridge between the two….more like an MBA data analytics role?

Job tittles and softwares to research would help a ton!

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