I work for a fortune company. I was recently tasked to lead a global team to create a prototype for a big solution. I am still somewhat new to the big world and this is a bit of a challenge to me. My company built a tool that is designed to incorporate many open source technologies with some COTS visualization tools( Hadoop, Spark, Apache HIVE, Cognos, Power BI). I am trying to come up with a prototype or concept that leverages the power of these tools to maximize insights for our business users. I am a somewhat technical person so I am not struggling with understanding the technology. I am struggling with understanding the challenges and problems that big is solving ( both from an organizational perspective and from a global perspective). Does anyone have any insights into what kind of challenges business users face in deriving insights from big ? Specifically what are other organizations doing to solve these problems and challenges as they come up? Any insights would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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