I work in space and would like to know what people are using for visualization.

I deal with mostly series sent from sensors. It is stored in Parquet/ORC format in the cloud. I have Hive running to query this (and give access to other people within company) and sometimes SparkSQL. I use Spark for ETL type of stuffs. However, missing piece of the puzzle is visualization.

A lot of non technical people inside the company want to query and visualize this data, which means:

  • Programmatic approach to visualization (like jupyter notebook) is out of question as these users are mostly non technical.
  • Many traditional viz tools don’t seem to work with Big Data (eg. PowerBI)

I thought connecting to Hive/Hadoop/Spark and doing visualization was pretty standard however I can’t seem to find them. Given my setup, what tools do you recommend (can be commercial, FOSS).

PS: I checked Apache Superset (, which looks really cool but docs on integrating Hive is lacking.

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