At some point during Christmas and New Year, the days just sort of blend together. Sat silently in your parents’ living room, you’re already bored of your gifts, permanently spaced from ’round-the-clock imbibing, and you can’t possibly eat any more cheese. But snap out of it, because it’s finally to sink your teeth into season four of Black Mirror. All six episodes of everyone’s dystopian reality check are available to binge on Netflix right this second R; and let’s be honest, you are going to binge it, because spoilers will be lighting up the group chat by dinner time. To celebrate the new series (and the end of 17), Netflix has also released a lovely New Year’s message. Not the trailer you may’ve already seen teasing the latest episodes, but a mosaic of footage taken from previous seasons and the world, which suggests the line between show and the other side of the glass is growing ever thinner.

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