▶ “Hurray for Pre-K can help alleviate even the worst fears with the help of photographs of by Ellen Senisi. The beauty of this lies in the simplicity of its message: pre-k can be fun” – Apptudes
▶ “Another great feature is the ability for parents to record their own voice reading the texts” – iHeartThisApp

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Hurray for Pre-K! is part of the Auracle series from Auryn. The app is based on the print edition “Hurray for Pre-K!” written and photographed by Ellen B. Senisi. The title introduces preschoolers to an exciting peek at a Pre-K day and is a great way for parents to help reduce child anxiety about preschool.

▶ 32 pages of beautiful illustrations

▶ ▶ Personalisation of voice and text:
▶ Kids can become their own narrator or listen to their parents narrate the book.
▶ Interactivity allows kids to personalize the sentence, create new action words and sharpen their vocabulary skills

Three ways to read the book.

▶ “Read to me” – listen to the narrated while the text is displayed Karaoke style. After the narration finishes on a page the child can interact with objects till they are to move to the next page.
▶ “Auto Play” – same as “Read to Me” except the page advances automatically once the narration is finished. Useful for those long car rides when you want the child to have a complete book experience.
▶ “Read myself” – There is no narration but the child can touch a word to hear it being spoken aloud. This is designed for older children who want to experience the book at their own pace.

All three ways of reading can be played in your own voice with personalized sentences.

Features on each page:
▶ Professional narration
▶ Image and word association vocabulary builder – when an image is touched the associated word is spoken and the written word displayed.
▶ Karaoke effect – when a word is spoken during narration then the word is highlighted.
▶ Touch a word to hear it being spoken

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