- brava oven - Brava’s Smart Oven cooks your food ultra quick with pure light

The days of nuking your in a microwave are numbered if the Smart Oven from Brava takes off. The Smart Oven is a table cooking appliance that uses panels of infrared lights to cook food twice as fast as a conventional oven at the press of a button and without any preheating because it can heat to 500°F in under a second. The Brava Smart Oven is best at cooking meats and vegetables with no fat needed and at the same without overcooking or undercooking either one. And guess what? It can even make toast!

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This oven has a ton of tech features that are designed to make your meals turn out perfect every time. It has a built-in temperature probe so there’s no worry of overcooking your steak and it even has a built-in camera that lets you see the food inside the oven as it cooks. It uses the camera to make sure the food is cooked perfectly by comparing live images to a neural network of other images to look at the coloration and texture on the surface of the food. The Brava Smart Oven is available for pre-order starting at $995. Visit Brava for more info.

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