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taps BT for equipment trackers

Infrastructure services company Stobart Group, which late last year inked a four-year agreement with the Environment Agency to support flood resilience – has turned to BT for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to support the work.

BT’s new IoT platform and devices will be used to plan and monitor the deployment of the Environment Agency’s 1500 stillages; heavy-duty containers used to transport critical flood defence equipment around the country, BT said today.

The company did not disclose the contract size.

“Where Are Those Pumps Again?”

The win comes after a £40 million funding boost for the Environment Agency, which recently procured a further 40 kilometres of temporary flood barriers and 250 high volume pumps for its ,500 staff.

Warwick Brady, Stobart Group CEO, said in a release: “This highly innovative BT tracking solution will assist in managing delivery and inventory . The integrated system provides delivery metrics in real time, allowing Stobart Group to closely monitor the vital flood prevention equipment and respond quickly and efficiently.”

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(We’re not quite sure what to make of this illustration from Stobart, but feel it deserves inclusion.)

BT IoT Portfolio

BT currently has four products in its IoT portfolio.

These include its machine-to-machine and IoT network solutions suite, which uses mobile and fixed networks to help companies communicate securely with their devices; “asset intelligence”, which lets customers track, monitor and control assets via RFID, low power networks and cellular radio, and its “intelligent retail” solution, which aims to help stores better understand footfall.

Gerry McQuade, CEO, Enterprise, BT said: “This is a great example of how IoT can deliver meaningful benefits to households and businesses in the UK. Entire communities in flood affected parts of the country will be better protected as a result of BT’s IoT technology being used to support Stobart’s delivery of its contract with the Environment Agency.

“Our technology can help logistics and supports companies such as Stobart to drive operational efficiencies and become more responsive to their customer’s needs through the improved tracking and visibility of their physical assets.”

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