This year we17;ll see the Cologne edition of the SymfonyLive conference in
Germany move a few kilometers south to Phantasialand, probably Germany’s
best-known theme park. So its rollercoasters after the talks!

The conference will have two days of workshops, offering six topics to
from for each day. Among the topics of the workshops will of course
be 4 itself, but also ApiPlatform, Varnish, Software Architecture,
Docker, and more – all presented by experienced trainers.

The conference day will see a single track of speakers from the Symfony
community. As the local German Symfony conference, talks at SymfonyLive
Phantasialand 2018 will be German. As always, we will select speakers from
our for Papers, which is open for everyone! If you haven’t submitted a
paper yet, there is still 🙂 If you have a topic on Symfony, PHP, or
related technologies you would like to talk about, send us your abstract.
We strive to an open atmosphere for everyone at SymfonyLive and
welcome new speakers.

Register at our Call for Papers site,
and tell us briefly about your talk idea(s). Write a few lines about your
topic, and what answers it will present for the audience. It is ok to apply
with abstracts in English, as long as you are willing and capable of
delivering your talk in German at the actual conference 😉

For more info about the conference itself, visit

See you there!

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