Hey Folks,

At work we have two methods.

The first is a standard Desktop Softphone Application; Ring Central. Whenever you click a phone number, the browser checks in windows (presumably) how to handle the call and finds that softphone .

However, the that our customer service people prefer to use is basically an HTML5 Page made to look and function like a softphone.

So I’ve said this isn’t possible ad nauseum and they won’t let up. Is there a way we can have a clicked link that the browser recognizes as a phone number auto populate into the IC phone R;app” that you can think of.

All I can think of is that maybe there is something where you can use some URL morphing to generate a URL that has the number inside of it. However, I’ve talked to their Software Dept and they don’t have anything for me. I’ve also checked for a URL Change when the number is either entered or Dialed and we have no such luck.

I can’t think of anything we can do here. Can anybody else?

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