Good Afternoon,

I am learning how to read for a pet project of mine and I’m having trouble understanding how invoke-direct works or translates back to java…

I’ve been reading this website and the dalvik opcode page and seem to still have trouble understanding it fully.

invoke-direct {p0}, Ljava/lang/Object;-><init>()V

What I have understood so far is that {p0} is the prameter(s) that get sent to the function. I’m assuming of the object class?

What I also don’t is the <init>()V… I get that the function dosn’t return anything due to the V at the end but what does the <init>() mean?

I get the feeling the int is being casted… like in C.

Thank you for the help 🙂

Sorry for asking such a basic question… I feel kind of silly for asking it but Im really lost… 🙁

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