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I have purchased Symantec Desktop through our supplier but configuring it for my needs seems to be a challenge.

I have been trying to configure the Encrytpion part of PGP Desktop. Ihave downloaded the Public I am to use for the encryption of the files and imported that into the PGP keys > All Keys section. Then I click into the Share Encryption section and am able to a which starts the Wizard, I enter a path and a description and then click next. I can see the public key I imported before and select that in the adding screen and click add, I don17;t have a signing key so I leave this blank and complete the folder encryption process. I can17;t open this folder, and therefore I can17;t place any files within it for them to be encrypted. Could you help me please? I thought it was something to do with users so I tried to add a user but these options are greyed out. 

My goal: I want to end up with an accessible folder where I can place files which will be auto encrypted and which I will be able to move the files onto another .




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