- Flashlight Cabiner in use - Carabiner Flashlight – keep a light handy with this

Things that serve more than one purpose are always useful in tool kits. That’s why the Carabiner Flashlight is so neat, it’s a carabiner, which is always useful even if it’s just for holding your keys, and a flashlight which you never know when that will come in handy.

This particular unit is made from titanium, meaning it’s a sturdy device that can put up with some abuse. Still, that being the case, don’t use it on anything too heavy because it hasn’t been rated for weight as of yet. But why would you use it for anything heavy when it’s probably more useful as a handy flashlight?

- Flashlight Cabiner in hand - Carabiner Flashlight – keep a light handy with this

The flashlight puts out up to 60 lumens. It can shine for up to six hours on a single charge and has a life span of 50K hours. It charges via USB making it pretty easy to just slide in with your other gizmos and . This could prove to be pretty useful in a variety of situations. You can always have a light anywhere you can clip this thing for $19.

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