Migrating Angular 2 to Angular 4

Migrating Angular 2 to Angular 4 Source link

Create a Simple .NET Application on Linux

This is a quick tutorial for creating a very simple .NET application on Linux. Source link

Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.12.22

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics. TOP STORIES How to setup a VSTS pipelines for Azure...

Measure what matters

We gather data to determine the direction and assess the value of what we create. Every business, and client, has a specific approach to the way they define success. How...

A new serverless adventure at Auth0

Last week was my last of a great ride at Splunk. I have now joined Auth0 working on a new developer-focused offering around Serverless compute, with Webtask. I’ve also started a new blog...

Tip: Disable Indexes with SQL

Learn how to disable an index, temporarily or otherwise, with this T-SQL Query. Source link

You want these special Black Friday deals for designers?

Advertise here via BSAAttention web designers and developers. Black Friday is upon us, and it’s your turn to participate in the fun and excitement. We’ve put together nine attractive deals just for...

Error'd: 'Tis the Season for Confidentiality

"For the non-German speaking people: it's highly confidential & highly restricted information that our canteen is closed between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Now, sue me for disclosing this," Stella...

Waterfall Development – Is it Right for You?

Don’t go chasing waterfall … development, that is. According to a recent post by Madison Moore on Medium featuring insights from several software delivery industry leaders, waterfall is – while...

Google Pushes Developers to Use Newer Android APIs

Mobile development firms have a year to comply with new Google Play rules. Source link