Traditional & conventional approach – Drawbacks of the Big data

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In quest of finding a solution!-Time Series

In a need to find a solution/guidance for the same . Any sort of help is appreciatd! submitted by /u/deevisha ...

How to make your CRM Big Data small

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What’s the simplest way to set up a user/password on Apache NiFi?

Is there a way to do this without setting up an LDAP server? I just want a single user/password on a single VPS with access to use everything....

Protect Your Business’s DNA: Microdata And Big Data

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Do you want to learn how to setup Hadoop such as HDFS and YARN...

You can also subscribe to our channel and follow this playlist on YouTube for the videos.Quite often we have to build Big Data clusters using plain vanilla distributions rather than...

Challenges faced by big data

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5 Big Data Use Cases in the Manufacturing Industry

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Enabling instant insight and decision support with stream processing

Companies love big data but lack the strategy to use it effectively, according to the faculty at Harvard Business School. Researchers say that the problem is that everyone is better...