[GITHUB] Lightning speed web scraper for Shutterstock and GettyImages training images : bigdata

I've spend some time to code this Python-based web scraper which can bulk download training images and videos from Shutterstock and Getty Images with blinding speed. Feel free to check...

Demo of a platform I built for generating and crowdsourcing data

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#BigData Today

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The Big ‘Big Data’ Question: Hadoop or Spark?

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Cisco, SAP team-up to ease cloud, container integration, management

Cisco today said it had teamed with SAP to make it easier for customers to manage high-volumes of data from multi-cloud and distributed data center resources.The company’s announced that Cisco’s...

Leveraging the Benefits of Big Data in Payroll | Analytics Insight

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Use big data to improve the big city, say scientists : bigdata

For all bigdata gurus everywhere from hedgefunds (quant finance) to biotech (drug discovery) to social media (twitter) to discuss the latest trends, topics, career opportunities and tricks of the trade! Rules: No...

Require 3 team members for a Hackathon! : bigdata

I have to form a team to participate in a hackathon which is both online and Offline in India. Need a full stack developer and a big data guy to...

The past, present and future of data warehouse appliances

Since the first data warehouse appliance was introduced, there have been people eager to claim that the technology had outlived its usefulness and would soon become extinct. The latest iteration...


Going Serverless : programming

/r/programming is a reddit for discussion and news about computer programming Guidelines Please keep submissions on topic and of high quality. Just because it has a...