Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My Interview with Kenneth Cukier on the rise of Big Data : bigdata

Hi,I just did a fascinating interview with Kenneth Cukier, co-author of the brilliant book Big Data and senior editor for The Economist, and thought people here might like to read...

Cheat Sheet: Data Visualization with R

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Big Data Analytics Project – all ideas are welcome! : bigdata

Hi all,I’m looking for some inspiration from you guys. Based on below description, I welcome all suggestions as to how the most interesting research question, problem formulation, and/or hypotheses might...

Machine Learning and the Project of Autonomy

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Regression vs Curve Fitting – Technical Diversity in Data Science Teams

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Choosing the right data streaming/processing software?

Hi all, I have a particular problem Im trying to find the right solution for. Not sure if this is the best way to go about it, but...


What is composable infrastructure? | Network World

Composable infrastructure treats compute, storage, and network devices as pools of resources that can be provisioned as needed, depending on what different workloads...