How to balance the load on a data team

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How interesting are kinesis kafka kickstream redshift spark etc? : bigdata

I have a job offer with big data: kinesis kafka cluster Kubernetes cluster python data bridge data-iq scala packer s3 kickstream redshift ec2 elasticsearch aws terraform docker aws-eks.I like learning...

Data democratization is driving self-service analytics

Data democratization enables users to access data across an organization and empowers them to use data in decision making to gain critical business insights. Data democratization is fast becoming a...

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Engineering

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Apache Zeppelin + Hive

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Lenovo announces hybrid liquid-cooling system: Neptune

Water cooling for enterprise servers is slowly creeping in from the fringes to the mainstream of data center use as vendors and end users alike realize the limitations of air...

Generally speaking, would a diploma in say, “Big Data” be enough to eventually apply...

Hello all,I am considering a diploma/certificate from a university in "Big Data". How likely is it that people with diplomas or certificates get into graduate programs in this field? Or,...

3 Real Time Big Data Applications

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Tale of Light for Free Using the Apple Store App

After downloading the app, select the Discover tab and then scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see a banner to click for the...