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Oracle open sources Graphpipe to standardize machine learning model deployment

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Create a Full Text Search Typeahead with Go, jQuery, and NoSQL

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This is why anyone can learn Machine Learning – freeCodeCamp

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Harber London Spacious Leather Weekender Bag » Gadget Flow

Go exploring in style while keeping your kit in order with the Harber London Spacious Leather Weekender Bag. Made from veg-tanned cowhide leather and German microsuede, this bag screams luxury....

Apple Reportedly Developing Own Chips For Health Devices

Over the years we’ve seen how Apple has been creating separate processors for use in their devices. For example there is a separate processor designed to handle motion-based data,...

Meet M87, a startup pitching distributed wireless tech for IoT – Stacey on IoT

M87 CEO Cole Brodman (left) and Matt Bancroft, GM and VP of business development, proximity services. Photo by S. Higginbotham.For the past month I’ve been in Seattle, taking a break...

Data center power efficiency and power outages both increase

A survey from the Uptime Institute found that while data centers are getting better at managing power than ever before, the rate of failures has also increased — and there is...

186: Jake Moves On – CodePen Blog

Show Description Jake Albaugh stops by CodePen Radio one last time to talk with Tim about his new job and what it was like working at CodePen. Sponsored by WooCommerce WooCommerce is WordPress plugin that...

ios – ReplayKit using WebRTC stops working after going to background repeatedly

I'm using WebRTC to create a peer to peer connection for sharing screen and audio. I'm capturing the screen using ReplayKit, which generates CMSampleBufferRef; using that I can create RTCVideoFrame....