Major Changes

  • Trading – Charts
    • The Tradingview charing library has been updated from 1.11 to 1.12.   This adds more drawing tools and some miscellaneous features
  • Bitfinex Hackathon
    • First Bitfinex Hackathon in London: a 3 day event intended to foster innovation and collaboration within the decentralised asset space. Discover more at

Minor Changes

  • Trading – Ticker
    • New Feature:  A new dropdown has been added to the Ticker List which enables the ability to filter by a second currency
  • Trading – Pairs Display
    • Visual Improvement:  Pairs now always display with 3 characters in the currency
  • Trading – Visual Fixes
    • Bug Fix:  Fixes the display of the Orders component when it is in the collapsed state
  • Funding – Visual Fix
    • Bug Fix:  A minor CSS overflow was fixed in the advanced funding options

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