Do you hate that moment when you badly want to sleep, but you need to stay up because your phone is still charging? If you do, the perfect solution to your problem is the . It is a durable and efficient cable that prolongs your battery life due to its exceptional features such as the Kevlar reinforced cable (super durable cable), reversible connector, LED (speed detection), 2X speed up, and auto cut-off when battery is full.

- Charby Sense 1 - Charby Sense: World’s Smartest Auto Cut-off Charging Cable

The Charby Sense addresses several phone charging issues such as rapid battery degradation, always forgetting to charge your , several attempts just to plug in and connect to your , easily breakage of cables, and tangled cables. Whether you want a more convenient, extra durable, high speed, and healthier battery, this awesome charging cable can get the job done.

- Charby Sense 2 - Charby Sense: World’s Smartest Auto Cut-off Charging Cable

The Auto Cut-Off feature promotes healthy battery life since it has the ability to automatically disconnect your device from the charger to prevent it from overcharging. Exposing lithium-ion battery to high temperature and dwelling in full charging state for an extended period can be more stressful for the battery. Thus, charging and leaving your devices overnight will decrease the lifespan of your phone’s battery life.

- Charby Sense 3 - Charby Sense: World’s Smartest Auto Cut-off Charging Cable

In terms of high speed charging, the Charby Sense has charge boosters like fast charging technology, charging speed detection, and quick charge 3.0. Also, it is extra durable and more convenient to use because it’s tangle-free with a 4 feet length cable, bendable, and has a reversible connector. To make it more durable, the wires are designed with nylon braiding, TPE, EMF shielding, and Kevlar fiber.

- Charby Sense 4 - Charby Sense: World’s Smartest Auto Cut-off Charging Cable

As for the product’s warranty, Charby Sense offers a 1 year warranty for every purchase so you won’t have to worry if there are any manufacturing defects. If you’re interested in this charging cable, it is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 5 and up, iPad Air, Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPod touch, and iPod nano
  • Samsung, Huawei, Kindle, HTC, Motorola, Nexus, Nokia, LG, portable cameras, MP3 Players, and handheld game controllers


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Charby Sense: World’s Auto Cut-off Charging Cable

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