It’s no secret that the market is overflowing with a plethora of bootcamp options to from. That’s why I thought I’d write a quick little post about what I love about Coding specifically and why I find that employers are drawn to our alumni.

As you might already know, technology and the tools used in development are constantly changing. That’s why Coding Dojo puts an emphasis on teaching our onsite students from a full-stack approach and why we want our students to leave after their sixteen weeks on the ground with three full development languages under their belts. This not only provides our alumni with a wider skill- but also allows them to learn new technology faster and always be open and receptive to the changing market. Employers love this aspect most of our alumni. In addition, hiring professionals in Chicago have also noticed the tried and true passion our students and alumni have for tech. Coding Dojo grads are lifelong learners who love technology and the amazing things they can do with it to improve the lives of those around them.
Here are a few of my personal aspects of Coding Dojo.

After you complete the bootcamp, each cohort steps into a long career services workshop. The goal of this is to take our students new tech skills and finesse them into a complete career ready package. We create stellar technical resumes, practice interviewing, networking and how to leverage to tools and skills you’ve gained into a fruitful career. Because we value and understand the importance of industry exposure, we also organize a visit to one of the many tech companies in Chicago during Career Readiness Week. Our goal is to have our alumni equipped with the tools they need in order to succeed in their job search and provide them with the opportunities to leverage those tools successfully be the end of their Career Readiness Week.

At Coding Dojo we believe that presenting our students with exposure to the industry during the bootcamp not only helps them network but also helps prepare them better as they step into their new careers. We do this by hosting weekly Tech Talks with industry leaders from companies like Jellyvision, kCura, Raise, 8th Light, and more! In addition, we take monthly site visits to companies in the area where we get to hear from engineers and developers directly. We also host a variety of MeetUp events here on the site, further continuing to encourage your exposure to the industry and an opportunity to flex your networking muscles.

Sure! Becoming an awesome coder is to your success. However, at Coding Dojo we believe that being a well-rounded human being only enhances your development skills. With that in mind, we host two Outdoor Days a month during which we all participate in a free activity around the city. This not only helps us all bond and grow as a campus, but getting away from the computer screen for an hour or two can do for your problem-solving skills. It’s a win win! Some past Outdoor Day activities have included Farmer Market, Museum of Contemporary Art, Lincoln Park Conservatory and kickball!

We’re located off of the Chicago brown line in the heart of River North. Our space is your quintessential open concept loft, with sweeping views of downtown. When you attend Coding Dojo you have the be ready for 60 hour weeks, but thankfully our beautiful space and incredible views make coming to “work” easy as pie.

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