Remember when I mentioned that Cisco Security Connector has plans to expand their MDM/EMM integration capabilities? Well, I’m happy to report that we are doing just that.

Last week, we announced that the Connector is now publicly available. This week, we are incredibly excited to share that Cisco is teaming up with VMware and MobileIron to provide deep visibility and control for your enterprise-owned iOS .

We understand that usage for businesses are on the rise. Therefore, we need to not only equip users with the ability to protect their devices, but do so in a flexible and efficient way. Therefore, in addition to Cisco Meraki Systems Manager, Cisco Security Connector can now be deployed through the VMware Workspace ONE, powered by VMware AirWatch technology, platform and MobileIron on-premises platform.

Through these new partnerships, businesses can manage their mobile devices more effectively by accelerating deployment of iOS devices and gaining the much-needed visibility and control over their policies. This will give businesses the full package: visibility, control, and protection.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Partnerships:

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VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), powered by VMware AirWatch technology, gives businesses a simplified way to view and manage all devices within one single platform. With quick device enrollment, users will be able to integrate into pre-existing enterprise infrastructure. Workspace ONE also permits businesses to define and configure their mobile device management policies, allowing automated compliance and greater policy control. And in an event that a mobile device gets lost or stolen, Workspace ONE can enable remote commands and controls to clear passcodes and lock or completely wipe the device. To it off, Workspace ONE’s dashboards give administrators a view of -time deployment from the admin console, providing businesses a diverse way to manage their iOS devices.

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MobileIron on-prem Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform provides organizations with controls needed to manage and monitor any BYOD or corporate-owned device that has access to business-critical data. With automated deployment, businesses can save time and effort in device setup. MobileIron also has the ability to simplify business processes by integrating with other IT systems. It allows businesses to stay compliant with company usage requirements by deploying granular policies and compliance configurations that integrate best-of-breed security practices to an organization’s mobile fleet.

With the ability to work hand-in-hand with leading MDM/EMM such as VMware and MobileIron, Cisco Security Connector can provide seamless integrations, greater control and deeper visibility. We recognize the importance of working together and by teaming up with VMware and MobileIron, mobile security has never been better.

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