Currently I’m trying to create, sign & broadcast using btcsuite. For start, I’ve already had testnet3 address & its associated privatekey for . However, hunting through the post and articles like below:-

  1. here
  2. here
  3. here

The solution proposed above its not complete, for first one, it only covers until signing (i knew the author claimed its not broadcastable unless you provide the utxo which i did if i’m right) but when tried to braodcast it failed with message

“Error validating transaction: Transaction be9b294695bfb201a5cff32af074a4bf72b073e3c9dad1969111165bf118a622 orphaned, missing reference f0c0d3b3eecf911ede996a74ceadc9366068791450c9e6bacee9ae202f3690d1.”

I have no idea what’s going on and I suspect its script is incompatible.

So, the bottom line is I just want a example in bitcoin testnet3 that shows
“from 1 address transfer some bitcoin to other address” by showing the process of raw transaction, sign it with private , turn it to raw transaction in hex format & broadcast it using something like (BTC testnet)

currently my code is as follow:-

package main
import (
    btcchain ""
func txToHex(tx *wire.MsgTx) string {
    buf := bytes.NewBuffer(make([]byte, 0, tx.SerializeSize()))
    return hex.EncodeToString(buf.Bytes())

func stkbtc(){
  pvkey := "cNjXNxcfawzyfGUxaG94rKqayAL2n7QWioKhCkHbQsBRT7SbDyGu"
  txHash := "e028b5bf030a24986a03b03b89dec037e8462ae32bc93679cb49d7c779685987"
  destination := "n2kRiAkW1xr5DVy7QKVGaYiZbwpS7j23jJ"
  var amount int64 = 000000
  txFee := int64(500000)

  //try send btc
  decodedwif,err := btcutil.DecodeWIF(pvkey)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("decodedwif error: %vn",err)
  fmt.Printf("decodedwif       : %vn",decodedwif)

  addresspubkey, _ := btcutil.NewAddressPubKey(decodedwif.PrivKey.PubKey().SerializeUncompressed(), &btcchain.TestNet3Params)
  sourceTx := wire.NewMsgTx(wire.TxVersion)
  sourceUtxoHash, _ := chainhash.NewHashFromStr(txHash)

  sourceUtxo := wire.NewOutPoint(sourceUtxoHash, 0)

  sourceTxIn := wire.NewTxIn(sourceUtxo, nil, nil)
  destinationAddress, _ := btcutil.DecodeAddress(destination, &btcchain.TestNet3Params)

  sourceAddress, err := btcutil.DecodeAddress(addresspubkey.EncodeAddress(), &btcchain.TestNet3Params)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("sourceAddress err: %vn",err)

  destinationPkScript, _ := txscript.PayToAddrScript(destinationAddress)

  sourcePkScript, _ := txscript.PayToAddrScript(sourceAddress)
  sourceTxOut := wire.NewTxOut(amount, sourcePkScript)

  sourceTxHash := sourceTx.TxHash()

  redeemTx := wire.NewMsgTx(wire.TxVersion)
  prevOut := wire.NewOutPoint(&sourceTxHash, 0)
  redeemTxIn := wire.NewTxIn(prevOut, nil, nil)
  redeemTxOut := wire.NewTxOut((amount - txFee), destinationPkScript)

  sigScript, err := txscript.SignatureScript(redeemTx, 0, sourceTx.TxOut[0].PkScript, txscript.SigHashAll, decodedwif.PrivKey, false)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("sigScript err: %vn",err)
  redeemTx.TxIn[0].SignatureScript = sigScript
  fmt.Printf("sigScript: %vn",hex.EncodeToString(sigScript))

  //Validate signature
  flags := txscript.StandardVerifyFlags
  vm, err := txscript.NewEngine(sourceTx.TxOut[0].PkScript, redeemTx, 0, flags, nil, nil, amount)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("err != nil: %vn",err)
  if err := vm.Execute(); err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("vm.Execute > err != nil: %vn",err)

  fmt.Printf("redeemTx: %vn",txToHex(redeemTx))

func main(){

the txhash was from previous transaction where i got the testnet bitcoin from faucet & nothing else..

Please advice what is wrong with the code above, really appreciate it if someone can point it out.

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