• March 15,
  • By Staff

Developer website Codementor has launched a new platform called Dev . Based on technology, the allows employers to check references, send payments and write reviews for developers that they hire.

Weiting Liu, Codementor’s co-founder and chief executive officer, said that Dev Protocol will make it possible for talented developers who don’t live in hubs to compete on a more level playing field. “If you are a developer working at Google or Facebook and you graduated from Stanford, you probably don’t have this problem because you already have a lot of awesome brand names on your LinkedIn or resume. You are surrounded by other great developers and it’s relatively easy for potential employers to do a solid reference check on you,” said Liu. “But for people who are not as lucky, maybe they aren’t in Silicon Valley, we are enabling great developers in Russia, Madison, Wisconsin, Vancouver or Alberta or in Taiwan, to have a platform for them to earn their reputation fairly and transparently.”

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