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What were the most Pens of 017 on ? And what17;s your CodePen heart17;ing strategy? Chris and Marie share some of their picks and look forward to 018 on CodePen.

Sponsor: JazzCon 12:35

JazzCon is a 3-day development conference, March 21 – 23, in awesome New Orleans that combines all the food, culture and heritage that New Orleans has to offer with workshops and sessions from some of the greatest minds in . Codepen listeners take $100 off with the coupon code CODEPEN100.


  • 1:50
  • 2:40 The Grinch who stole Xmas style hearting.
  • 5:55 Blogging on CodePen
  • 10:55 Copycat
  • 13:55 Chris and Marie’s pen picks of 2017
  • 18:02 Tips for making a great pen.
  • 23:50 Does getting picked equal success?
  • 25:50 The #1 hearted pen of 2017
  • 26:40 Teaser of summer activities

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