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CodePenChallenge: Signatures Roundup – CodePen Blog


The community showed off its signature style in this 17;s challenge! Check out a few of our favorites from this week17;s challenge prompt: sign on the dotted line 🖋

Isman Fromes plays with dimension and texture in R;3D Printing Signature”.

See the 3D Printing Signature | #CodePenChallenge by Isman Fromes (@ismanfromes) on CodePen.

Jon Wilcox animates the iconic Walt Disney signature in “Mickey and Walt”.

See the Pen Mickey and Walt #CodePenChallenge by Jon Wilcox (@jonwilcox) on CodePen.

Leena Lavanya gets to the heart of the matter with “Self-Drawing Heart Signature”.

See the Pen Self-Drawing Heart Signature #CodePenChallenge by Leena Lavanya (@leenalavanya) on CodePen.

ycw created several signature variations for the challenge, including this striking signature animation “ECG”. Check out their profile for more!

See the Pen ECG by ycw (@ycw) on CodePen.

Mikael Ainalem imagines Pablo Picasso’s e-signature in “Picasso’s signature”.

See the Pen Picasso’s signature by Mikael Ainalem (@ainalem) on CodePen.

We gathered all of these and more from this week’s challenge in our Signatures Challenge Collection.

A new challenge prompt is coming on Monday! Sign up to get notified, or check back here on the for next week’s prompt.

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