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CodePenChallenge Week Three: Good Burger


The March CodePen Challenge marches on!

This month’s theme is Movie Night, and each we’ll pick a movie to be the prompt for the challenge. This it’s Good Burger!

- good burger - CodePenChallenge Week Three: Good Burger

Welcome to Good Burger! Home of the Good Burger! Can I take your order?

Only real 90s kids will remember Good Burger — a story about friendship, competition, intrigue, and… shark poison?

Your challenge this week: build something that incorporates the fun and flavor of a Good Burger!

Ideas to Build

  • A burger order form
  • A menu of hamburgers….with a hamburger menu 🍔☰🍔
  • A carousel of hamburgers – maybe not quite as scary as the one in Ed’s dream.

But, you don’t have to cook from our recipe! Feel to whip up something entirely your own. Don’t forget to tag your Pen with .

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