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CodePenChallenge Week Two: Dead Poets Society


The March CodePen Challenge continues!

This month’s theme is Movie Night, and each we’ll pick a movie to be the prompt for the challenge. This it’s Dead Poets Society!

- dead poets - CodePenChallenge Week Two: Dead Poets Society

An English teacher brings an unconventional style to a staid prep school in this Robin Williams’ classic that is both inspiring and bittersweet.

Your challenge this week: seize the day, and make your Pens extraordinary! (Standing on your desk is optional).

Ideas to Build On

  • Typeset your poem set in a beautiful, readable typeface. “O Captain! My Captain!”), perhaps?
  • A stylish RSVP page for a poetry reading
  • A “Get a random poem” button that brings in a classic poem from an API or JSON file.

But, you don’t have to take our lead! You can “strive to find your own voice” instead. Don’t forget to tag your Pen with CodePenChallenge.

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More Resources

  • PoetryDB – “The world’s first API for next generation internet poets”
  • Check out some poetic inspiration from the CodePen community in our Beautiful Poetry Layouts collection.
  • Grab a free font from your Design Assets, built right into the Pen editor.

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