Hello fellow redditors. I have had a job in New York City for almost 4 months and I am regretting it. I like the job sometimes, I like walking in this city and the nice looking office but I work in help desk. I’m exhausted. I’ve had to work hour shifts some days and I’m only 23. My commute each way is 2 hours even still coming from Staten Island. I also have a girlfriend in PA I see every weekend. I’m also doing an online MBA but I don’t have for that even.

I’m planning on quitting in May, working full time on the MBA, and doing extra work to learn how to code and do freelancing. I don’t have time to even read a book. I want to be a software developer and honestly, I don’t want to do HelpDesk anymore. It doesn’t pay, It’s too damn stressful and it’s too hard to a job anywhere as a project lead. And the money sucks so I want to take a subaticle and learn to code on my own.

I still live with mom and pop and I have 2 more years before I don’t have health insurance from my parents anymore. I’m scared because I won’t be earning as much and that it may be hard for me to find another career. What I’m mostly afraid though is being lonely. I’m thankful to have a girlfriend finally but I also have fun coworkers. I’m gonna be tied to a computer all day at in solitude. How do y’all not go crazy? After college while I hunted for jobs, depression was slowly sinking in. I realize this may not be for this kind of chat but it’s the same field, maybe y’all have had experience under the rock?

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