coin cell jump starter project - Coin Cell Jump Starter Project 2 e1512797314290 500x243 - Coin Cell Jump Starter Project

Ted Yapo is designing a crazy idea, it is a Coin Cell Jump Starter! Just think next you need to start your car you simply need to locate a and use this system to suck the power out in a usable way to start you car. Is it practical? Not really but it is cool is this theoretical idea would work. It is a total work in progress, I am looking forward to seeing a video of a car starting soon.

“So, if I can create a boost converter to charge the capacitors to 14V from the cell that’s at least 6527/800 = 60% efficient, I should be able to start a car from a coin cell.

The first rough plan is to make a simple inductor-based boost converter to charge a similar (possibly identical) capacitor bank over perhaps 24 hours, then start the car with the capacitors in place of the usual battery.”

coin cell jump starter project - 8463201512656195853 500x180 - Coin Cell Jump Starter Project

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