Planning to Create a Cruise App? 4 Essential That Startups Need to Consider Before Developing an App like Dreamlines & Cruise Finder

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This post contains information for those business owners who run cruise business and want to create cruising apps like Dreamlines and Cruise Finder. We’ve rounded up essential features that you can check out once before developing a cruise holiday app.

Mobile apps have completely transformed the way people plan and think about the cruise holidays. With one tap, everybody can gain access to book the ride, even more, they can plan their holidays through cruise finder apps like Uber.

Meanwhile, we came across the latest news regarding one of the best cruising apps, named Dreamlines. As per the report, “Dreamlines is one of Europe’s largest online travel agency specializing in cruise-related travel, which has raised 45 Euros in Series E funding”. The round was led by Princeville Global, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Target Global, Dimaventures, Hasso Plattner Ventures, and TruVentro”.

cruising-apps  - cruising apps - Consider These Top 4 Features to Make Your App Successful

Image Source: dreamlines

Dreamlines, a Hamburg-based company, was founded in 2012 by Felix Schneider. The company can be thought of as one of the high-rated and popular travel apps like or Expedia. The company connects to the largest portfolio of cruises around the world, holiday packages.

The cruise industry is also disrupted by a -focused online booking apps. These cruise apps are positioned to continue to transform the cruise industry into an online model around the globe.

Dreamlines became the biggest cruise portal in Europe. The company is now in several major cities of U.S., Brazil, and Australia, including Amsterdam, Nice, Sao Paulo, and Gold Coast while launching in Russia. It has become one of the fastest growing cruise portals for booking cruise holidays, ships, etc.

It is also providing unique cruise packages, created by the experienced cruise experts. Alike other apps of holiday and travel, Dreamlines also allows cruise lovers to create personalized cruise vacation plans through the app. Also, travel enthusiasts can plan cruise holidays with the help of booking cruise vacations.

On the other hand, Cruise Finder app is also one of the most comprehensive cruise vacation planning apps in the travel industry. The award-winning cruise app allows users know the detailed cruise information on 32 different cruise lines, 3 ships, including deck plans, 25 destinations and 25,000+ itineraries complete with route maps.

Moving ahead, let’s check out more about the latest data about the growth of global cruise industry.

  • The total output of the global cruise industry is $126 US billion worldwide.
  • According to the report from Statista, “In 2016, the global cruise industry generated a revenue of approximately .5 billion U.S. dollars and it is estimated that the revenue of the global cruise industry forecasted to reach 57 billion U.S. dollars by 2027, growing from just 23.3 billion U.S. in 2007”.


- revenue cruising industry - Consider These Top 4 Features to Make Your App Successful

Like hotels are using mobile apps to add new customers, you as a startup cruise company can also develop a cruise app and look at these main features that you can include before developing cruising apps like Dreamlines and Cruise Finder.

1. A Quick Search Tool

One of the essential features is a quick search tool that is must for an ideal cruise app. The quick search tool allows app users to quickly find out one of the most suitable cruise options within the app. Such feature must be easy-to-use in which users can easily search cruises, cruise lines, cruise ships, deck plans, and the latest deals & offers.

search-tool  - search tool - Consider These Top 4 Features to Make Your App Successful

The cruise finder search feature allows users to search cruise by place name, departure port, ship, family/singles/group cruises. By providing easy-to-use search option, users will be able to see complete information about ships and destination where they are planning their holidays. An ideal quick search option helps users to search fast, and instantly.

It is important to create an intuitive system of search and specific filters. Search matters when the app delivers complex content. Moreover, do not forget to make every page and every service easily accessible.

2. Seamless Online Booking

A simple online booking system plays an important role in the travel industry. It’s to work to enhance this features. A seamless online booking system can create a great impact on customers mind, helping to book any cruise easily. It is important to consider to make this feature secure and easy-to-use. For instance, online booking can be a leaky pipe, where small drops of water are constantly being lost.

online-booking-app  - online booking app - Consider These Top 4 Features to Make Your App Successful

So, it same applies when it comes to online booking system. An effective online booking system will also improve the number of bookings. Therefore, we can say that you as a travel startup can spend some time on how you can make seamless process of online booking for your app users.

3. Deck Maps

Within the app, if the user can see the whole deck plan in the form of highly accurate map, then this is quite enough for app users. As every app user always looks for convenience when he/she downloads the map.

Deck-Maps  - Deck Maps - Consider These Top 4 Features to Make Your App Successful

Image Source: cruiseshipmate

So, before creating cruising app like Dreamlines, Cruise Finder or Cruise Ship Mate, the feature like Deck Maps is important to include to make a successful business model. Again, convenience plays an important role whenever it is about to get more app users or customers.

4. One-to-One Chat for Advice or Query

Every business needs to develop a healthy relationship with its . However, communication provides the strong base to build a strong relationship between business and . So, one thing is cleared is that there is nothing to beat the power of communication. We can say that one-to-one chat is next essential feature, which is important for consideration.

Here’s the data that will give you an idea about the live chat option in a business. Let’s have a look!

  • According to 51% of consumers, a business needs to be available 24×7.
  • 42% of consumers say that they prefer live chat functions because they don’t have to wait on hold.
  • 92% consumers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature.

one-to-one-chat  - one to one chat - Consider These Top 4 Features to Make Your App Successful

To conclude, we can say that consumers do prefer one-to-one chat for advice or asking query. As long as travel app is concerned, then you must get that how important this feature is. This is the basic feature of on-demand cruise booking apps, which define the success of travel app no matter in which niche is.


The aforementioned features are basic and essential to consider before creating a cruise finder app. The main point here is that if you consider these features, you will be able to provide an ideal cruise booking app. However, the ultimate purpose of any business to attract more consumers.

If you run cruise business or having an idea to develop a cruising app to reach more customers, then you can directly consult us as we’re a leading /iPhone app development company. We have already developed over 2000 mobile applications in diverse niches.

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