#include <iostream>

#include <unordered_map>

using namespace std;


// the by or

// from a given

string longestPalindrome(string const &str)


    // create a frequency map for characters of given string

    unordered_map<char, int> freq;

    for (char ch: str) {




    char mid_char;      // stores odd character

    string left;        // stores left substring


    // iterate through the frequency map

    for (auto p: freq)


        char ch = p.first;        // get current character

        int count = p.second;     // get character frequency


        // if the frequency of current character is odd

        // update mid to current char (and discard old one)

        if (count & 1) {

            mid_char = ch;



        // append half of the characters to the left substring

        // (other half goes to the right substring in reverse order)

        left.append(count/2, ch);



    // right substring will be reverse of left substring

    string right(left.rbegin(), left.rend());


    // return string formed by the left substring, mid character (if any)

    // and the right substring

    return (left + mid_char + right);



// main function

int main()


    string str = “ABBDAB”;


    cout << “The Longest Palindrome is “ << longestPalindrome(str);


    return 0;


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