In their analysis, Reports published this recommended list of top 10 smartphones claiming users would have a hard time choosing iPhone X over iPhone 8, based on iPhone X being more fragile and possessing a lower battery life. Reports did praise iPhone X’s display, camera capabilities, and FaceID. Here is their list and scores on a 100 point scale:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8: 82
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8+: 81
  3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus: 81
  4. Apple iPhone 8: 81
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note8: 80 (another perspective by ZDNet’s Michael Krigsman)
  6. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: 80
  7. Samsung Galaxy S7: 80
  8. LG G6: 80
  9. Apple iPhone X: 80
  10. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge: 79

Let me tell you why I with Consumer Reports.

I own the iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone X, all used by different members of my household but all devices on one common AppleID. I will tell you the iPhone X is far superior to the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 Plus. Besides, once wrapped in a nice Speck Presidio Grip case topped with a tempered glass protector – neither of which tarnish it’s overall look, the iPhone X becomes really quite secure. I have dropped it several times at multiple angles and never had an issue.

Unlike what Consumer Reports claims, to me at least, the iPhone X’s battery life is more than adequate even for day-long trips of active business usage for internet browsing and email. Of course, if you start streaming long videos on these trips, the battery will drain after a few hours, but not where it’s really a big issue. Worse case, carry a spare battery pack in your brief case. I recently traveled on a one-day round-trip to Atlanta from NY on a full charge and had absolutely no issues with battery life, despite being on the iPhone X continuously over email and

The features and benefits of an iPhone X far outweigh that of an iPhone 8. If cost is a pressing issue, then go for an iPhone 8 or even a iPhone 7, otherwise, an iPhone X should definitely be your choice.

Now, let’s briefly talk about the Samsung phones – phenomenal devices of course but as a techie, I am not a fan of the ecosystem – at all. Developers overwhelmingly prefer writing apps for iOS over , no question about it. Several reasons. Try getting an through Apple – takes weeks. On Android, you can get your into the store in a matter of days (often just one day), even when it’s riddled with bugs. 

App piracy on Android is also a issue (especially in the case of premium iOS titles that charge more than $0.99) that deters developers from launching their app projects on Android first.

Android sure beats iOS on market share. However, research reports have revealed that majority of Android users prefer pirated games rather than pay for them, that discourages app developers from making Samsung devices running on Android their main target for app launches or showcase the best their app has to offer. 

Further, in some regions of the world, Android stores lack the required infrastructure to support paid downloads and offer ‘advertising-driven’ app downloads instead. 

Personally, as a developer, paying for an app rather than seeing those pesky in-app ads screams of a far better UX to me. I also find the iOS platform technically superior for app in certain aspects, compared to Android. As a developer, I feel if a user pays for my product, then there is a better emotional connection between the two parties in some respect. With the Ad model, neither the user is happy, nor the developer.

Google is all about those Ads – allowing users to download apps for free, but monetizing the product via ads, search listings, Adsense on blogs, in-app advertising etc. As a developer my teams have placed high quality paid Apps for sale in the Google Play stores, however, the piracy level is so high that we have had to seek out alternative forms of monetization. Ask any major international game development house and they’ll tell you the same.

For the above reasons, I prefer the iPhone X and the Apple iOS ecosystem, and of course respectfully disagree with Consumer Reports. 

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