If Xcode is acting up for you the way it is for me, you may want to step back from automated migration and just do it by . I spent far too much this morning trying to get Xcode to finish migrating for what were extremely trivial changes.

If you’re going by hand, make sure to change your “didFinishLaunching” launch options (in your delegate) from [UIApplicationLaunchOptionsKey: Any] to use UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey. (Notice the period in the name.)

To set the compiler from 4 to 4.2, open Target > Build Settings. Navigate to Language Version and use the pop-up to select the proper compiler:

- Screen Shot 2018 09 13 at 11 - Converting projects by hand to Swift 4.2 — Erica Sadun

For some (especially sample code) this alone may be sufficient to get you back and working.

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