I’m currently doing an undergrad degree in Economics and Mathematics and I’m considering the idea of doing a Masters afterwards in some kind of machine learning or science area. I have some options for courses in this coming year. Any ideas what I should take? I can provide more detail if necessary, don’t want to overwhelm with a wall of text. I’m leaning towards Complex analysis, Optimization or Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamics but have included the other two options for completeness.

The options are:

Complex analysis

This module develops the theory of functions of a complex variable, emphasising their geometric properties and indicating some applications.

Applications of probability

Discover how models can describe the occurrences of events – from a gambler’s ruin or the positions of plants, to the spread of an epidemic.


Examine techniques used in numerical analysis and operational research to represent optimization problems as mathematical models, to be solved with a computer.

Deterministic and stochastic dynamics

Fundamental concepts of dynamics, deterministic dynamics and stochastic processes and diffusion

Graphs, networks and design

This module is about using ideas from discrete mathematics to model problems, and representing these ideas through diagrams, showing anything from chemical bonds to transport systems.

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