has a simple and clean interface that makes it easy to pick up, get some in, and then get out. There’s a brief intro that shows up on the first launch of the app, which explains the basics, but then it’s out of the way and gone forever. Masterpiece has three sections in the app that are laid out in the bottom toolbar: Library, My Artwork, and Settings. No frills, no fuss to deal with. Just scroll through your selection of drawings, find one you like, and just color. It’s simple, fast, and incredibly responsive with no lag. The developers have done an excellent job making this one incredibly accessible for everyone.

The first step with Masterpiece is to find something to color in. The free download gets you some drawings for free, but you can also opt for the full collection of art with Masterpiece Premium, an in-app purchase subscription. It costs $2.99 per week, $7.99 per month, or $39.99 a year, and grants you access to all art for the duration of your subscription.

Once you find a drawing that piques your interest, just tap it to select it, and then you’re in the Painting screen. Each drawing has a predetermined color palette, and you’ll see all of the colors appropriately numbered at the bottom.

The colors are numbered because they go in certain places for the best result. To see what I mean, perform a multitouch pinching gesture to zoom in on the pixel art, and you’ll find numbered boxes, which represent an individual pixel. The colors are labeled as such to show you where they go on the drawing.

You can tap each block to color the pixel individually, or touch-and-drag to paint in the color as you normally would. If you color out of the boundary, there’s haptic feedback to let you know. At the bottom is an undo button, and you can also use the eraser to erase unwanted color. I love the haptic feedback, because otherwise I would not know that I strayed past the lines.

There’s a nice variety of drawings in Masterpiece that range from simple ones with a few colors to more complex and intricate ones with many more hues to paint with. This means you can pick something up to keep yourself busy while waiting around in line or spend a few hours with, nitpicking over every last pixel. It’s a good selection and offers something for all skill levels.

When you finish coloring a drawing, Masterpiece shows you a lapse video of you painting it. It’s fun and entertaining to watch, and you can the video clip to your Camera Roll. You can also send it to Instagram or share it via the Share Sheet. If you to Edit again, you’ll erase all the colors and start over. Any finished or in-progress drawings end up in the “My Artwork” section.

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