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January 25th,

Now that we have the ability to separate source from design using Grid, the likelihood that some creators will overlook accessibility is high. When we can easily reorder items in the display, we should be careful to also reorder them in the source, explains Rachel Andrew, lest we create havoc for screen readers.

Ideally, will create accessible documentation and use grid and Flexbox to display it across devices. The worst-case scenario, explains Rachel, will be those that remove semantic elements and make everything a grid or flex item.

CSS Grid has the power to realize design layouts that were previously difficult or impossible to do. As creators, we have the responsibility to make sure that what we create is available and accessible to everyone.

Join Rachel at the 2018 UXI Conference in her workshop Pushing the Boundaries of Web layout with CSS Grid and explore the possibilities of CSS grid layouts, advanced grid layouts, and design for inclusive accessibility.

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