As seen here, Andre Bandarra along with his friend Ricardo are making a game. While a fun concept, of a with a keyboard and mouse is less than optimal. It’s hard to simulate the pulling on control cords that you’d do in life.

To enhance the experience, Bandarra decided to make his own controller. An Arduino Pro Micro lies at its heart, allowing interface with a computer, and sliders salvaged from a broken audio mixing board are used to simulate pulling on the cords.

A beautifully 3D-printed blue enclosure finishes off the build, with black accents marking the control surfaces as well as a paragliding logo. It even includes a built-in strain relief to keep the cord in place during intense gliding sessions.

As of now, the device has only two functional sliders, but features additional knobs, switches, an extra pair of sliders, and even a button to pop your reserve chute that can be implemented as needed. Bandarra notes that this unit could be employed with any sort of paragliding game, or repurposed as an extra control device to control music or whatever other program suits your needs.

Check it out in the video below!

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