More 5.3 goodies! This , it’s an update to the Eloquent method.

If you’ve never used it before, you can pass an array of values to firstOrCreate and it will look up whether a record exists with those properties. If so, it’ll return that instance; if not, it’ll create it and then return the created instance.

Here’s an example:

$tag = Tag::firstOrCreate(['slug' => 'matts-favorites']);

This is good. It’s very useful. But.

What if the tag with the slug matts-favorites represents a tag with the label Matts favorites?

$tag = Tag::firstOrCreate(['slug' => 'matts-favorites', 'label' => 'Matts Favorites']);

OK, that worked well. But now, imagine this scenario: you want to create a tag with slug of matts-favorites and label of Matt's favorites unless there’s already a tag with slug matts-favorites, in which case you just want that tag—even if it doesn’t give you the label you want? Check it:

$tag = Tag::firstOrCreate(
    ['slug' => 'matts-favorites'],
    ['label' => "Matt's Favorites"]

We’ve specified that the Tag model should look up a tag where slug is matts-favorites and return it if so. And if not, create a new tag with slug matts-favorites and label Matt's Favorites, and return that. Bam. Beautiful.

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